You don't have a fansubbing CV, do you?

Posted on 30/11/2021

"you don't have a fansubbing CV, do you?" - LafferStyle#0054

Well the time is now I suppose. Been wanting to do this for a while, so I might as well.
This will include all fansubbing projects that I remember or have on hand. Including unreleased and dropped stuff, which outweighs stuff that is actually released LMAO.
In no particular order...

Hinako Note

Hinako Note's lead by Flower. Unfortunately, the anime haven't come to fruitation/release.
Role: KFX Timer


Personal Project in KFXing NCOP2, dropped due to lack of time and... effort.
Role: KFX

Isekai Shokudou

[No picture]

Isekai Shokudou's lead by Flower. Not too sure what happened to this either!
Role: KFX Timer

SaeKano F Opening

[No picture]

SaeKano F by Harunatsu, guy vanished lol.
Role: KFX and I believe Timing... not too sure on that either...

Koisuru Asteroid

[No picture]

Released under TSCamp before passing on bucket4362, proptly stalled after 1 episode of passing to him due to lack of interest from both ends.
Role: TS, Timing, KFX


[No picture]

Not released due to me just not feeling like working on it. file was oddly named: HahaMotbobGoBrr.ass... so yeah.
Role: KFX

Tonikaku Kawaii OP

[No picture]

Not released publically, released on #subbing-cave. It contains the timing for the Opening of Tonikaku. Role: KFX Timing

XYZ. Inuyasha

What it would look like for example^
Plan was to release a fansubbing using the TV subs for Inuyasha and to be released under the Blast2ThePast group tag, but I gave up since it would take too much time.
Role: Timing, Shitposting


[No Image]

Ah yes, the classic Pokemon. Did timing for Episode 06. Before the project was eternally stalled due to encoder having a life.
Role: Timing

Hidden Dungeon / The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

Was planning to sub it for real but decided to make funny meme by encoding video at low bitrate and hardsubbing the kfx. [Horny] Kakushi dungeon OP (WEB 1080p VP9 OPUS) [ABDB69F3].mkv

Please don't watch it. It's horrible.

Roles: KFX, "Encoding"

Machikado Mazoku

No release for this but I wanted to sub the OP since I was in the mood to do so.
Roles: KFX

New Game ED

This has a bunch of revisions to it. but the bar always has remained in there. Again, this is a mood based project. I believe I passed this on to torn or smth?
Roles: KFX

Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow 3

One of the best KFX that I did and it turned out quite well. Additionally remixed the TV Ver of the remastered ED.
Did some slight editing to wording to make it sound better.
Roles: KFX, Remaster, Editing


[MIYAFUJI!!!] Fukkireta (吹 っ 切 れ た) AKA Mischievous Function, Ochame Kinou (おちゃめ機能) X9 +annotations (Restored 1024x768 75FPS VP9 x265 x264 AV1 FLAC AAC Opus)

It's on nyaa, not seeded afaik?
Better translation, recreated the KFX from tripflag... and that's all I think.
Roles: KFX, Remaster, Editing

Planetarian Snow Globe

[Medex] Planetarian Snow Globe (English Signs & Subs) [BDRip 1080p x264 FLAC 24bit]

It's on nyaa & seeded.
Did the timing for this OVA, not much else to say really other than it was semi-fun for the timing.
Roles: Timing

Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita

also known on my file system as: chihirodabber.
A attempt at creating a KFX that is bombastic enough yet still fits to the song.
Released it in #subbing-cave afaik?
Roles: KFX

Skelter Heaven

[SkelterSubs=ButterFS-SMCSubs-LCE-PAS-0x539-HRI-Kaleido-Kantai-Sodra-Chyuu-TSCamp-Obelix-NiceBoat-NSHS] Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven [480p]

Did the KFX for the "meme" track along with some signs in the OP on the main track.
Roles: KFX, TS

Kiniro Mosaic

Did this, was fun. Another feels project, so don't expect a release either.
Roles: KFX

Comic Girls

Can someone fansub this already?

Anyway did WIP OP KFX for this. Didn't get to finish it since I was lacking skills at that time.
Roles: KFX


Never finished this, too much time I sunk into this with little results. Did the KFX for this.
Roles: KFX

Princess Connect! ReDive

[LightGoBrr] Princess Connect! ReDive Creditless OP (BD 1080p AAC) [A102A112]

It's on nyaa at least. A dab at light for his KFX styles.
Roles: KFX

Luminous Witches - PV

[92 Impatient Eilas & Miyafuji] Luminous Witches - PV [1080p][9071C0AD]

"The future of Witches is so bright we’re gonna need shades."

God dammit arvon... Anyway. QC'd this.
Roles: QC

Ochikobore Fruit Tart

ED is very concerning... Anyway dropped this KFX since it was too concerning and personally not my taste at the end of it, nor didn't like how the KFX was turning out as well.
Roles: KFX


"Hey, this still is good." - Shinon

If you can tell the KFX is similar to Kiniro Mosaic, which I more or less copied from... heh...
Roles: KFX

Strike Witches - Road to Berlin

I watched Strike Witches for the ecchi, but stayed for something special that I can't describe...
The experience? Maybe... You will definately need a JP mindset for this I feel.
Anyway, the kfx was simple since the project lead wanted it to be as such.
Release is under: [92 Impatient Eilas & Miyafuji] Strike Witches - Road to Berlin [1080p]
Roles: QC, KFX

Gochiusa BLOOM

Dance dance!
Did this OP twice. Once when it was originally out and second time is on revisting.
As per usual, passione project. No release either. Roles: KFX

Girls und Panzer


Roles: Timing, KFX
Did all the timings for the TV as long as the ED & OP for TV, ED for das Finale 1 & 2.
3 is in progress. Don't pester me or anyone else. It will be out when it's out.

Genjitsu Yuusha

Mmm yes. Stalled due to lack of a TLCer.
Roles: Project Lead, Timing, KFX (OP)

Strike Witches S1, S2, Hasshin Shimasu Movie

Project lead for all of these. Ongoing with Hasshin Movie releasing soonish.

Hasshin Roles: TM, ENC, Project Lead
S2 Roles: TM, KFX, Project Lead
S1 Roles: TM, KFX, Project Lead

World Witches Hasshin Shimasu!

Hasshin was fun. Had lot of flexibility to work around with. Although I feel like I grumbled a lot during the 12 week. Gomen!
Roles: TM, KFX, QC, Shitposter


KFX stuff for Himawari. I believe I did 3 so far.
Roles: KFX

That's all I have! Or well not really. or that I have on had. There's a few things I think I didn't list...