Optimizing Mocha

Posted on 17/05/2021

Quick blog post about trimming mocha.

Hey there! As mentioned this will be a quickie. If you would have used mocha for aegisub before, you'ld have already know the issues mocha has which are generally large file sizes.

This is the track we are gonna look into today:

The 2 signs (The: "ignore me!" sign) are currently tracked via frame by frame which isn't ideal as it will lag slower end PC's due to the number of events libass (or VSFilter, if you're one of the oldies of fansubbing.)

There is a really simple way that you can drastically reduce the count:

  1. We track the thing we want in mocha:

    Quick tip: the smaller the area, the easier the time Mocha can track for you, so it can go BRRR faster.
    Also, mocha by default uses GPU tracking which is generally faster than CPU Tracking, be sure to check if mocha does that for you.

  2. Copy to clipboard as per usual:

  3. Apply the transfor with the selected option checked:

  4. Magic Happens...

  5. You're done! And potentially shaved off a few KB's of that!


This will not work for stuff that is:

Has \org (for obvious reasons):

For non-linear tracking, you can trim multiple frames off by segregating them into pairs of 3-2's (which is how animation is done: Referance)

For both you can also apply ASSWipe (Seriously, ASSWipe your damn files before shipping!) to further reduce file size as it also does extra magic to check of stuff can be seen or not and culls events/subtitle lines.

That's all from me, have great week.


PS. As with all my posts, they are subjected to Singlish-ism, there will be little attempt to make them fully understandable to others.