Fansub Shenanigans

Posted on 2021, the dawn of the first day of march

Or how to make dialogue less of a dreb.

Note: This is for advanced fansubbers who wish to up their game in fansubbing.
If you just started out fansubbing, please do not use this right away.

All these techniques can be applied anywhere, but they must not distract the player from the experience.

For example, if the 2 characters are discussing something serious and potentially plot related, there is no need to use any of these techniques since it will detract from the experience.
Thus, the most appropriate times where these are best served is when it's unusual/funny/interesting/comedy. They can be used to emphasize certain aspects and enhance the dialogue itself. As with all techniques, do not overuse them either, because it will lose it's "fun" factor.

There are 3 main different distinct types and they can be mixed and matched, however it is best to leave them stand alone.
Videos are provided for examples, they are all very small which makes it light on phones, they are mainly part of either my work or the works of the group that I worked with.

P.S: Can't do much about slow video loading, unless I use a CDN which I kinda don't feel like doing so.


Says exactly what is on the tin, the positioning and movement of the dialogue can make for an interesting scene.
Use this sparingly, do not just go and place custom positioning to all the characters, as this will cause the viewer eyes to jump to different places to frequently, making it hard to read.


To enforce a more distinct change in the voice or unusual way that the character is speaking for the specific moment, fonts can be used. Make sure they can be readable & makes sense in the current situation.

Alpha Timing

Used to be more common, however it's usage has died down. Be sure to apply leadins for alphatimed dialogue lines when your doing transforms (\t) for them.